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The many benefits of tablets in primary schools

Technology has changed in many ways since the day’s parents were in school, from the development of smartphones to tablets designed for primary school aged children. The developments in technology have transformed the way we live our lives, with educational technology now used in classrooms to make learning fun and exciting.
As an increasing number of teachers adopt technology such as tablets, laptops and smart boards into the classrooms, the way children learn is quickly changing. Not only are children learning useful skills at a younger age, they are also discovering exciting new ways to learn both at school and at home.

Learning is fun and exciting
According to a recent study by the IT Trade Association CompTIA, students who used tablets in primary schools believe learning is more interesting and exciting. Challenging subjects such as maths and English have the potential to become exciting, when tasks are delivered through games suited to their age group. Adobe also published a similar report in which 34% of students using technology in the classroom said maths is their favourite subject at school.

Preparing students for the future
The study by CompTIA also found that 90% of parents believed the use of technology in the classroom would prepare their children for the future. Our modern digital world requires skills which may not have been necessary in the past. Today, children need to be able to search for information, solve problems and collaborate through the use of technology, skills which can all be learnt through specialised educational apps.

Tailored to individual students’ learning pace
Every child is unique in how quickly they learn, which can present a challenge in a classroom with lots of students. Technology which adapts to an individual child’s abilities and needs is a brilliant way of engaging and encouraging students at every level. When children are engaged in technology as part of a lesson, it provides the teacher with time to provide support to every child.

Improved collaboration between parents and teachers
It is only natural for parents to want to be involved in their child’s education. By using tablets in the classroom which children can bring home, parents will be able to quickly access their child’s work for the day and review up-to-date, accurate information, which can then be used to support their child’s education.
Here at Ninos Global Tech, we design technology with children in mind. Our tablets are created to help children learn in a fun and educational way, through a variety of apps, games and content designed for your child’s specific age group. To find out more about our range of tablets, please contact our team.

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