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The many benefits of tablets in primary schools
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Technology has changed in many ways since the day’s parents were in school, from the development of smartphones to tablets designed for primary school aged children. The developments in technology have transformed the way we…

The effects of music on expression and education
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From their first garbled versions of nursery rhymes to the teenage pop idols, children embrace and love music in all its form. With good reason, pregnant mothers are even encouraged to play soothing music to…

How have educational products evolved over time?
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The classroom has rapidly changed in just a generation. Most parents would struggle to recognise the modern classroom and beyond that grandparents would suspect that they had been transported to an alien universe. Every teacher…

Why technology is essential in the classroom
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Many people think back fondly on the days before technology, but the reality is that this is an exciting time for education. Incorporating technology has had a profound effect on learning and with technology becoming…
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