The educational benefits of technology for homeschooling

Technology is already proving essential in the classroom. Yet the number of home-schooled children in the UK has risen by 41% over the last three years alone – can introducing technology also be of benefit in non-classroom situations?

Providing curriculum support
One of the most important ways that technology supports homeschooling is access to curriculum support. This gives parents the confidence to understand how they can give their children a well-rounded education using technology-based resources and online lessons. From alternative teaching strategies to the support of teachers and other home-schoolers, technology gives parents an essential support network.

Supporting a diverse range of learning styles
Perhaps one of the greatest advantages for homeschooling is the way that technology can be adapted to support a vast range of learning styles. Specific learning needs and disabilities can be met and accommodated with bespoke solutions for all styles of learners. For example, the use of a tablet supports kinesthetic learners who prefer to learn using touch and manipulation.

A unique advantage
Another of the benefits of technology in the classroom is that it equips learners for the world of work. That gives home-schooled children a unique advantage because they have a greater opportunity to use and explore technology in their learning. As technology brings enormous changes to the way organisations function, home-schooled children with greater access to tablets and smartwatches will have access to skills and experience that puts them a step ahead.

Get coding literate
Home-schooled children whose parents use technology to support their learning also have greater opportunities to become coding literate. Being able to explore and deepen understanding of how to code is a definite advantage of using technology in home-schooling. Instead of simply reproducing skills, home-schooled children have the opportunity to deepen their learning and understanding thanks to greater access to technology.

Use apps to supplement learning
A tablet allows parents and children to work together to choose educational apps that consider your child’s particular strengths and areas for improvement. Apps can extend knowledge and skills and develop areas of weakness through extra practice. Top-rated apps give home-schooled children ways to put their skills to the test and explore the world around them and are easy to access using a Ninos tablet.

At Ninos, we’re committed to using technology to change the face of learning for all children, wherever they go to school. Browse our website to find the tablet that will help your home-schooled child’s learning really take off!

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