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Niños’ Virtual Learning Environment is Launching!
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Niños Global Tech is proud to announce that our Virtual Learning Environment will be officially launching on April 1st. Our VLE is a convenient way for parents, students and teachers to communicate; keeping parents engaged…

Product Focus: Niños 10 Inch Explore Tablet
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Welcome to another Product Focus, where we take a close look at one of our Niños products and show how it could be really helpful for the education of your children. This week, we focus…
Sound Code

Product focus: Niños Sound Code
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We are living in an age where millions of songs are at our fingertips, the devices we carry in our pockets are more powerful than the entire space programme that put men on the moon…
Smart Watch

Product focus: Niños Smart Watch
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If you’ve been looking for an exciting new way to stay connected to your child, it might be worth checking out the kids GPS smart watch from Ninos. Designed with the aim of combining fun,…

Product Showcase: Niños Kids Tablet
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Technology is a central part of the learning experience for kids of all ages. Now that affordable tablets and other education technology are available, making learning more enjoyable is easier than ever before. The Niños…