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If you’ve been looking for an exciting new way to stay connected to your child, it might be worth checking out the kids GPS smart watch from Ninos. Designed with the aim of combining fun, education and safety in one neat little package, the Ninos GPS smart watch is an innovative new piece of kids technology that allows parents to keep track of their child’s location in real time.

Smart Watch

Making learning fun
Ninos smart watch has a load of fantastic, fun and educational features to encourage your child to learn. Created with kids in mind, this watch has an awesome 90-degree camera, so kids can take photos on the go. Once you put a micro-SIM inside the watch and enable 3G data and minutes, kids can receive and dial out calls, which will make life easier when you want to call them inside at dinner time. With a shed load of fun and educational games built right into the device and a colour touch screen to play them on, your kids will have can have a great time and learn simultaneously.

Keeping children safe and adults sane
In an increasingly online world, it’s becoming steadily more common for children to have access to their own devices, which comes with a whole host of internet privacy security risks. The designers of Ninos watch have combated this by providing parents with full control of their child’s device via a downloadable companion app which can be connected to the watch. With this ‘one-touch’ access, parents can then choose the appropriate times to deactivate the gaming options on the watch (when their child is in class, for example). This also gives parents the option to oversee who their child is connecting with, check when their battery is getting low and see how much exercise their child is getting via the integrated pedometer feature.
With Ninos watch, parents can relax and let their children go out and explore the world, safe in the knowledge that the watch’s GPS tracking system will keep them aware of their child’s location. If any issues arise, all a child has to do is press the SOS button, which will emit an emergency alert, dialing through the listed emergency contacts until someone accepts the call. It will then immediately update the parent with the location of their child. With the watch’s Geofencing feature, parents can also receive an alert when their child leave the safe zones they have designed, like school or the family home.

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