Product Showcase: Niños Kids Tablet

Technology is a central part of the learning experience for kids of all ages. Now that affordable tablets and other education technology are available, making learning more enjoyable is easier than ever before. The Niños Kids Tablet is a brand-new device that has been created with fun education firmly in mind. This durable, lightweight but robust piece of custom designed kids technology is built to withstand the everyday wear and tear you would expect in the classroom or at home. Manufactured to make a difference, this well-built piece of state-of-the-art educational tech is packed full of incredible features, including the Iwawa parental control app which gives parents peace of mind and total control over the content their kids can see.

This is a compact device with a 7-inch screen, dual function camera and a host of recommended educational apps. The Niños kids dashboard is simple and easy to navigate so your children will be able to find a range of fun and educational apps that are suggested based on their age. This means they will always be learning at the right level and can continue to progress and develop as they use the device. The Niños also includes a specially designed kids social media area where they can chat with other kids. This can be a great way for them to interact safely with children of their own age while learning, playing and enjoying the experience of educational technology.

Ninos Kids Tablet

This is a powerful device that comes complete with a quad-core CPU for great performance, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory which can be used for storing things like videos and photographs. The Niños Kids Tablet comes with the slick and user-friendly Android Lollipop 5.01 operating system and also features WiFi connectivity as standard. The screen is sturdy and scratch proof, so even younger children can use this device without damaging it. It also sends notifications to your email to keep you informed about your kids’ social network activity, which means you have total control over who they speak to and interact with. This kind of safety measure means you can allow your children to have fun exploring the online and digital world freely without worrying about inappropriate content.

The Niños Kids Tablet is part of the new wave of educational technology that really does make learning easier and more stimulating. The range of apps that are available means your kids won’t get bored and should always be able to find something to challenge, entertain and educate them.

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Niños Kids Tablet

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