Niños is looking to the future

One of the most important aspects of modern life is the education of our youth. They are the ones who will inherit the Earth and shape the future. We have a responsibility to help them learn and give them the best possible educational tools possible during their early development stages.

Inspiring children through technology
Advanced technology has given us a powerful and useful way to expand and advance children’s education in ways that are only now becoming possible. The development of portable electronic devices has given parents, teachers and lecturers a fantastic means of making learning fun. To be able to learn any subject on an interactive screen gives rise to so many possibilities limited only by the imagination. Integrating interactive fun with digital educational tools is a truly remarkable innovation and is a tool that should be harnessed by all those who want to improve a child’s education. At Niños, we have done just that with our much-loved Niños Kid Tablets and Smart Watches, among many others.

LogoNiños means ‘children’ and that’s what we are passionate about. Our business ethos is built on providing children with education technology to improve and develop their learning. Our smart, innovative devices are designed for connectivity between families and at the heart of this kids technology is ease of use, convenience and technological innovation. After all, Niños believe in making learning fun.

Growing for the future
As part of our dedication to Inspire, Innovate, Educate, we want to bring the best service to our customers. To that end, you will soon notice a major and exciting new rebrand. Our new logo will help define the new direction the company is going in, and our website has been given an impressive makeover with a brand-new look and feel to it. The site accessibility has been improved and means you’ll be able to browse and purchase Niños products such as tablets, GPS smart watches and Bluetooth wireless headphones with ease through our stylish new site. You will also find new product ranges for college students, to assist with their professional development.

The rebranded site will also give you access to company news, customer support (which can help you register your tablet) and links to our social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that you can keep in touch with us. You’ll also see our tweets directly from the home page.

For families who want to improve their child’s – or even their own learning through technology, the new Niños site is something you won’t want to miss out on. We have terrific deals on devices which will benefit the educational development of your children while also being fun and bringing families together.



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