Breaking Barriers: Ninos Global Tech CEO, Yudee Uzowulu, nominated for 2022 Top 100 African Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs in the UK list!

In a world where the tech industry is still dominated by men, it is refreshing to see women breaking barriers and excelling in the field. Yudee Uzowulu, CEO of Ninos Global Tech, is one of these women. She has just been nominated one of the top 100 African Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs in the UK by the African Business Chamber (AfBC). This is a remarkable achievement that showcases Yudee’s dedication to her work and her passion for technology and innovation.

British-born Nigerian mum of three spunky kids, Yudee Uzowulu has a passion for innovation, technology and inspiring people. She founded Ninos Global Technology in May 2016, an organisation that leverages technology to solve problems for entrepreneurs and everyday people.

Yudee Uzowulu has held various senior positions in Banking, Financial Services, IT, and Telecommunications. In 2019, she was recognized as one of the top 100 Black Ethnic Minorities Leaders in Technology by the Financial Times.


Ninos Global Technology provides solutions that range from app and website development to social media management and digital educational services. The divisions of Ninos Global Tech include Ninos Digital Solutions, a one-stop digital shop that empowers and grows small businesses; Ninos VLE, an all-in-one interactive learning and communication platform for schools and professional learning; and Ninos Playzone, an app that helps parents create a safe, fun, and educational online space for kids. Ninos Playzone is available on google play store and would be available on apple soon.

Yudee Uzowulu, CEO Ninos Global Technology
Yudee Uzowulu, CEO Ninos Global Technology

Joining the Ninos Global Tech family this month, is  Really Not Rocket Science, the training division of the organisation. Really Not Rocket Science launches March 2023 with a CPD-certified Project Management training facilitated by Yudee Uzowulu. Yudee brings to bear her 15+ years of Project Management, having worked with a long line or organisations including Mastercard, Bank of London, to mention a few.

Yudee Uzowulu continues to make amazing strides in the tech industry in the UK and across the world, inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs and everyday people to leverage technology to solve problems and grow their businesses. She is a true trailblazer, and her nomination on the 2022 Top 100 African Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs in the UK list is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and passion.


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