Product Focus: Niños 10 Inch Explore Tablet

Welcome to another Product Focus, where we take a close look at one of our Niños products and show how it could be really helpful for the education of your children. This week, we focus on the 10-inch Explore tablet, which is the largest tablet in the Explore range.


The Explore tablet is a stylish and effective piece of hardware, and would be useful for kids of secondary school age and even college and university. It runs on the Android operating system, so all those Android apps are compatible. It also supports Microsoft Office Mobile, and most online and offline video players. So it can work as something of a cross between an entertainment device and a learning tool.

It runs on a 1.5Ghz Quad Core Processor and 2GB RAM, giving it a respectable power for processing games (be they purely entertainment-based or educational) and videos from YouTube and elsewhere. There are plenty of resources in the Google Play marketplace and online to assist children and teenagers with their learning, and the invention of tablets has been revolutionary in getting them to engage with these types of resources. The 10-inch Explore tablet has all the computing power to run all the apps, websites and videos your child needs to stay stimulated, entertained and educated in equal measure.

The tablet comes with 16GB internal memory, but when you open the rear panel you will find a slot for a Micro-SD card to expand the memory capacity, as well as 2 SIM slots to add mobile network and calling capabilities. This will allow installation of more apps and games, as well as the saving of videos and music both for fun and for educational purposes. Furthermore, there is a 5MP camera to use, along with a 2MP front camera for video calling and fun with some of the photo/video apps.

For connectivity, there is the usual headphone jack socket, and the tablet is equipped with BlueTooth 4.0 technology to connect to wireless headphones and speakers. With a SIM, it is 3G-enabled, and also fully WiFi-enabled and running with GPS services. So it is a fully equipped tablet from Niños, designed for children and teenagers with the power to get them through into young adulthood.

If you need value for money, but still want a great tablet with the power to run all the Android apps and do all the things the more expensive tablets do, then Niños 10-inch Explore tablet is a great solution. Keep the kids busy, and open doors for them to benefit from the educational advantages of modern technology without risking a huge monetary investment in something they might lose or break.

Find out more and get the tablet here.


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