Three tips for bringing up digital natives

Kids today have to navigate a very different technological landscape to those of previous generations. ‘Digital natives’, as those who were born after the technology boom are known, are now starting to come of age, and we are starting to understand the effects that technology has on those for whom it is second nature. We often hear scare stories on the news about a decline in our kids’ attention spans, ability to socialise or capacity for information retention. Even their handwriting skills have been scrutinised.

However, technology does not have to be demonised in this way. With the right approach and know-how, it can be a great help in bringing up and educating digital natives to be well-rounded individuals, ready to take on a world which is experiencing great strides in technological innovation. The following tips are just a few ways that you can educate kids to have a healthy and productive relationship with technology.

1. Set a good example

Kids often learn to navigate the world by imitating adults, and this can be especially true when it comes to digital habits. Indeed, internet addiction and compulsive technology use is not unique to digital natives, and even people from much older generations, known as ‘digital immigrants’, can become overly attached to their various devices. In this way, being able to temper your technology use around kids can be a great way of the making sure they develop healthy technology habits.

2. Set time limits

An important thing for many kids to learn is that limiting time on technological devices can actually help them appreciate how useful it can be. Setting a time limit on games and internet use can be one way of doing this, and helps kids appreciate their technology time rather than just viewing it as a default activity. Allocating a time slot for educational games using technology can also be a great way of helping kids enjoy the learning experience, and help keep their attention spans strong.

3. Allow them to discover the benefits of different kinds of social interaction

While kids are often condemned for communicating too much via technology as opposed to real life, developing the ability to conduct rewarding digital interaction can help them nurture wonderful friendships. To help them navigate the tricky world of social interaction, encourage them to invite their friends over in real life, as well as teaching them ways in which friendships can be maintained digitally when friends are not around. A balanced approach is all it takes.

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