Niños builds software: creating engaging digital platforms

Niños Global Technologies aims to inspire, innovate and educate by developing technologies that aid and enhance web experiences. We develop and build inventive applications to help people stay in touch and enhance their everyday lives.

As part of our vision, we have established our own software development function to create bespoke apps and digital platforms to help inspire, educate and connect.
We take your vision and translate it into an app, programming for both Android and Web application systems.

Android Apps

The Android operating system is a popular system, designed for smartphones and tablet computers. Our new software house is full of in-house developers who are fluent in the JAVA programming language. All android apps that we develop can be uploaded and published onto online stores for you to download onto different devices, depending on how you want your app to be used.

Web Apps

Our in-house development team can create web applications to bring your ideas to life. Whatever your ideas, we want to turn them into a reality through bespoke software development solutions.

At Niños we believe that learning, developing and staying connected does not have to be a chore. We create products and software which reflects this. If you would like to find out more about us, please visit: To find out more about our new software development team and how we can create an android or web app, please contact a member of our team!
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