Niños’ VLE is now available on the Google Play Store!

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) developed by Niños Global Technologies is now available to download from the Google Play Store.
Available worldwide, the VLE is a convenient way to connect parents, students and teachers. It helps to ensure that parents and teachers can keep in contact with each other, closing the communication gap and improving student engagement levels.

Key Features

With separate user account types specifically designed for schools, teachers, parents and students, Niños’ VLE has everything needed to maintain communications –
Schools: Schools can store and access teachers’ and parents’ contact details, emergency contacts and allergy information as well as keeping parents and students up to date on school news and events. With digital invoicing, schools can save money on printing costs by using the VLE.
The VLE has proved popular with schools since its launch and we are excited to welcome several new school sign ups. Get in touch today if you would like to make the most of the VLE for your school.

Teachers: Teachers love the VLE because it helps them to run their class admin with ease. They can set and monitor homework and communicate with parents with reduced paperwork and time needed.

Parents: Parents who feel more engaged with their child’s school are often more involved. With the VLE, parents can have an account for each of their children and stay up to date with their progress via an organised dashboard.
An important feature of the VLE are the timely notifications about homework deadlines and progress monitoring, so parents are always in the know about how their child is progressing with their work.

Students: With the ability to personalise their profile with a picture, students can connect and chat with their classmates and their teacher once approved by their parent. Students can also benefit from educational tools on the VLE such as a dictionary and language apps.

With new features being added every day, the Virtual Learning Environment is an exciting new platform launched by Niños Global Tech who are passionate about providing educational technologies to aid and enhance learning experiences.

For more information on the VLE, visit: Sign up today to receive a free 14-day no-obligation trial.

Download today:
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