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Niños’ VLE is now available on the Google Play Store!
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The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) developed by Niños Global Technologies is now available to download from the Google Play Store. Available worldwide, the VLE is a convenient way to connect parents, students and teachers. It…

Niños’ Virtual Learning Environment is Launching!
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Niños Global Tech is proud to announce that our Virtual Learning Environment will be officially launching on April 1st. Our VLE is a convenient way for parents, students and teachers to communicate; keeping parents engaged…

How have educational products evolved over time?
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The classroom has rapidly changed in just a generation. Most parents would struggle to recognise the modern classroom and beyond that grandparents would suspect that they had been transported to an alien universe. Every teacher…

Product Focus: Niños 10 Inch Explore Tablet
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Welcome to another Product Focus, where we take a close look at one of our Niños products and show how it could be really helpful for the education of your children. This week, we focus…
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